Proposal for a Directive on execution of driving disqualifications with a Union-wide effect

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Publication Date 01/03/2023
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Legislative initiative tabled by the European Commission on 1 March 2023, seeking to introduce an EU-wide driving disqualification when a Member State decides to disqualify a driver because of an offence committed in its territory.

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As part of its 2018 Mobility Package, the European Commission issued a Strategic Action Plan on Road Safety where it called for a new approach to counter the stagnating trend in road safety figures in the European Union (EU) and move closer to the long-term goal of zero road fatalities across the EU by 2050. In 2019, the Commission published its EU Road Safety Policy Framework 2021-2030 - Next step towards Vision Zero, in which interim targets were proposed. The target of zero fatalities in all modes of transport by 2050 was reiterated by the 2020 Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.

In this context, an important element of the EU's efforts to improve road safety is the consistent enforcement of sanctions for road traffic offences committed in the EU. However, the existing legal framework does not allow for driving disqualification to be granted an EU-wide effect where the offence is committed in a Member State other than the one which issued the driving licence. Because the issuance of a driving licence is a sovereign act, such document cannot be withdrawn with the same effect by another Member State. An EU-wide effect therefore requires a common framework to be established.

The imposition of an EU-wide driving disqualification should be established on the basis of national law of the Member State that has issued the driving licence. This draft law comprises an obligation for Member States to provide an auxiliary EU-wide effect, in accordance with their own national legislation, to a driving disqualification that was imposed by another Member State. The scope of this initiative covers those road traffic offences that most contribute to road traffic accidents and fatalities.

This draft law was adopted on 1 March 2023 as part of Road Safety legislative package. The package sought to ensure a consistent approach in the field of road safety as regards cross-border enforcement of road traffic rules.

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