Proposal for a Regulation on contestable and fair markets in the digital sector (Digital Markets Act)

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Publication Date 15/12/2020
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Legislative initiative tabled by the European Commission on 15 December 2020, setting out rules for platforms that act as gatekeepers in the digital sector. It is also known as the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

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Digital services brought a number of benefits for uses and contributed to the internal market by opening new business opportunities and facilitating cross-border trading. In this context, a small number of large online platforms capture the biggest share of the overall value generated. They became key structuring elements of the digital economy, intermediating the majority of transactions between users and business users. Many of these undertakings are also tracking and profiling end users. A few large platforms thus act as gatekeepers between business users and end users and enjoy an entrenched and durable position, often as a result of the creation of conglomerate ecosystems around their core platform services, which reinforces existing entry barriers.

Their impact on digital markets create dependencies of many business users on these gatekeepers, which leads, in certain cases, to unfair behaviour vis-à-vis these business users. Regulatory initiatives by Member States would not fully address the issue and could lead to a fragmentation of the EU internal market. The objective of this proposal is to allow platforms to unlock their full potential by addressing the most salient incidences of unfair practices and weak contestability so as to allow end users and business users alike to reap the full benefits of the platform economy and the the digital economy at large, in a contestable and fair environment.

The need to address these concerns was stressed in the European Commission's Communication on Shaping Europe’s Digital Future. The draft law builds on the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2019/1150, also known as the P2B Regulation. It was tabled by the European Commission on 15 December 2020 as part of the so-called a legislative package which also included the proposed Digital Services Act (DSA). The Council of the European Union adopted a general approach on 25 November 2021. The European Parliament endorsed a negotiating position on 15 December. An informal agreement between the co-legislators on a compromise text for this file was reached on 24 March 2022. This was formally endorsed by the Parliament on 5 July, followed by the Council on 18 July.

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