Spanish general election, 10 November 2019

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Reports, analyses and information related to the legislative election taking place in Spain on 10 November 2019.

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The snap parliamentary election was called following the dissolution of the Parliament, which was unable to endorse a candidate for Prime Minister following a previous election held in April 2019. In fact, this would be the fourth general election in the country in four years.

The issue relating to Catalonia's autonomy was again a dominant feature of the election campaign, as tension increased following a court decision on the leading figures of the pro-independence movement in the region. It was also notorious the public fatigue over the inability to secure a parliamentary majority and a stable government, which has led to successive elections. Polls ahead of the election suggested that the incumbent centre-left PSOE would once again secure a victory and yet far from a parliamentary majority, which led analysts to wonder whether the election would solve the deadlock. The same polls also suggested substantial gains for the far-right VOX party.

The electoral results largely confirmed the forecast - while the governing PSOE did win the election, it was unable to secure a majority nor retain the same amount of seats it enjoyed prior to the election. The far-right VOX was the party most benefiting from the election, more than doubling its previous result and becoming the third largest political force in Parliament. In contrast, the centre-right Ciudadanos collapsed and lost most of its parliamentary presence. As a result, its leader Albert Rivera resigned. The number of regionalist parties seating in Parliament increased considerably. Analysts suggested it had become even harder for any party to secure a stable government following this election.

Following this electoral results, centre-left PSOE engaged in talks with the UP and regionalist parties to make sure parliamentary endorsement could be granted to a new cabinet.

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