State of the Union 2016

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President Juncker took stock of achievements of the past year and presented the priorities for the year ahead. The President also set out how the Commission would address the most pressing challenges the European Union is facing.

The State of the Union address traditionally kick-starts the dialogue with Parliament and Council, as foreseen in the Lisbon Treaty, to prepare the Commission Work Programme for 2017.

The 2016 State of the Union address covered the following topics:

+ Mid-term review of the multiannual EU budget (2014-2020);
+ Completion of the Capital Markets Union (CMU);
+ Plans to further boost investment to support jobs and sustainable growth;
+ Reform of the EU's telecom rules, including the so-called 'connectivity package';
+ Modernisation of copyright rules;
+ Progress regarding the Commission's Better Regulation Agenda;
+ Plans to enhance security in Europe;
+ Creation of a European Solidarity Corps.

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, delivered on 14 September 2016 his State of the Union address at the European Parliament. The speech was followed by a plenary debate.

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